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The lists have been separated into different music categories. These categories are then further sub divided by format to enable you to browse for vinyl albums, singles, CD's or my whole list for that category.

The records are listed in the following order:

  • Ref No - Unique reference (to be quoted when ordering)
  • Format - LP, 45, CD etc
  • Artist - Name of the artist
  • Title - Record's title
  • Record label
  • Catalogue number
  • Cov - Condition of the sleeve (see grading)
  • Rec - Condition of the record (see grading)
  • Offer - Price (in sterling)
  • Extra Info - Finally in some cases some extra interesting information.

If you ever receive a record and are not happy with the grading please tell me, return the record and we'll give you a full refund.

These are not comprehensive lists, so if you don't see want you want ask me! I am happy to try and find you what you want, I may even have it in stock!

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